Nävekvarn – the Gate to the Swedish Archipelago


Nävekvarn is the ideal starting point to set off to the most beautiful archipelagoes in Sweden. If you are heading north, you will discover Stendörrens Nature Reserve, Nyköping, Oxelösund or picturesque Trosa with its colourful houses. Next you will access the big lake Mälaren.

If you choose to follow the coastline, Stockholms southern archipelago is easily accessible and feasible in one single day.

Should you prefer to head south, you will encounter St. Anna Archipelago and the lively summer idyll Arkösund, situated hardly ten nautical miles from Bråviken, the bay along which Nävekvarn is situated.

Further towards the south you will reach the bay of Slätbaken with the lovely city Söderköping, Gryt Archipelago with Fyrudden and “Mons Skärgårdskrog”, a restaurant with sea view. Loftahammar, Gamleby and the city of Västervik, all situated even more southwards, are also worth a visit.

Nävekvarn is in other words the perfect starting point for many splendid boat trips. Many of the mentioned sailing areas have nature ports, often on uninhabited islands. They are well-described.